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KFI Products Winch Split Cable Hook Stopper

KFI Products Winch Split Cable Hook Stopper

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Part number :218075
This Split Cable Hook Stopper is for the ATV and UTV Winch. It weighs 4 Oz. It is 2 5/8 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches thick. This KFI Split Cable Hook Stopper will fit between the two outside rollers on an ATV or UTV winch fairlead. It also works great with the synthetic rope and or the slot fairlead.

Reasons to purchase a Split Cable Hook Stopper :
  • Eliminates wear and tear on your rollers from the hook.
  • Eliminates hook clatter from going down the trail.
  • Protects the winch motor and gears from pulling the cable in to far and bottoming out on the rollers.
  • Keeps tension on the hook to eliminate the cable becoming loose.
  • Looks great.
  • Once you have one, everyone else that you ride, with will want one!

  • 1) Freespool winch and pull out approx 2 feet of cable.
  • 2) Pull Hairpin and release clevis pin from winch hook.
  • 3) Remove the four bolts fastening the two halves of the Split Cable Hook Stopper together. Place the cable or rope between the two halves. Insert the four bolts and tighten.
  • 4) Re-attach hook to cable end.
  • 5) To stow hook, engage clutch and retract cable onto winch spool until hook is snug against the hook stopper and fairlead.
  • 6) Position hook stopper at approx 3/4 of the total line distance towards hook while using you winch.
*Note: Wear leather gloves.

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Barcode :705105100890

  • Supplier number :ATV-SCHS

  • Kimpex catalog number :218075


List of additional OEM numbers :

  • None
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